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Worst customer service ever

(Topic created on: 08-05-2021 03:28 PM)
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Galaxy S
I pre-ordered the S21 6 months ago and am missing some free gifts that were supposed to come with my phone as pre-order bonuses. I have been calling them for SIX MONTHS and everytime they tell me that they will escalate my case and call me back within a week. This has happened many times.

Today, I called them once again and they gave me the same response about how they will escalate my case and call me back. When I told him to stop giving me the same response as always, I got hung up on.

This has to be the worst customer service ever. Imagine having a case open for 6 months regarding something so simple and is very easy to resolve. What annoys me more is that I received an email from Samsung a few weeks ago which was an ad about how Samsung got an award of excellence for customer service in UAE. How is this even possible????

I visited the Samsung shop in Mall of the Emirates a few days ago to complain about my problem in person but they told me they can't do anything since I pre-ordered my phone online.

Safe to say that I will NEVER, EVER, buy anything from Samsung ever again. After being a loyal customer for many years, having bought the S7 Edge, S8, and S21, and also the smart TV and a tablet. I was in the market to buy another tablet and wanted to buy the Tab S7+ but this experience has pushed me away from Samsung and now I am going for the Apple iPad Pro.

I hope someone gets in touch with me soon about this issue and does not let me hanging for another six months which by then will be a YEAR of waiting. I wish I can go back in time and stop myself from choosing to buy the S21.

Worst customer service