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Which of the following drain more battery with full options activated, Google as

(Topic created on: 06-07-2024 08:01 PM)
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Galaxy S
Google Assistant tends to drain more battery than Bixby with full options activated. Here's why:

1. Google Assistant is more integrated: Google Assistant is deeply integrated with Google services like Google Maps, Google Photos, and Google Calendar, which can lead to more battery drain.
2. More frequent updates: Google Assistant updates its knowledge graph and syncs data more frequently than Bixby, consuming more battery power.
3. Broader capabilities: Google Assistant offers more features and capabilities, such as controlling smart home devices, setting reminders, and providing information on a wider range of topics, which can increase battery drain.
4. Always-listening: Google Assistant's always-listening feature, which allows it to respond to "Ok Google" or "Hey Google", can consume more battery power than Bixby's similar feature.

That being said, the battery drain difference between Google Assistant and Bixby will vary depending on your specific usage patterns and settings. If you use both assistants extensively, Google Assistant might drain more battery. However, if you use Bixby more frequently or have more Bixby-related features enabled, Bixby might drain more battery.
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Galaxy S
So google is better.