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What's new in May Update for S21 Ultra?

(Topic created on: 05-03-2021 10:05 AM)
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Hey Members!

May 2021 Update has been released and as per the changelog it brings improvements on camera performance and enhanced quick share. To break down in details and the things I found.

  • Minimal Lag when Switching between modes

  • Minimal Shutter Lag

  • QR Recognition is 2x Faster

  • Camera Temperature Improved Maintains 30-31c with continous zooming (Check video for comparison)

  • Updated UI when sharing a file (Quick Share, Link Sharing, Nearby Share)

  • Improved picture quality zoomed at 100x

  • Very fast response when launching apps

  • Improved Zooming Transition from 0.6x to 100x (claimed by a user but it isn't my case)

  • APRIL Battery Life 11 Hours SoT with Power Saving Enabled. Comment below if you are interested to see the battery life for May Update which I will test tomorrow!

This is a massive update and it improves a lot of issues that users has reported. Update now if you haven't already!

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Good for ya.