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What's new in Android 14 beta on Samsung's One UI 6

(Topic created on: 09-17-2023 10:20 PM)
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Galaxy S

Android 14 It has raised a lot of expectations and excitement among users around the world as it gets closer to its arrival. This latest version of the operating system promises a series of improvements and innovative features that aim to take user experience to the next level. From performance optimization to new customization options are some of the main innovations that can be found in this patch.

And, after a long wait, Samsung has just launched One UI 6 for the Samsung Galaxy S23 which is integrated with the first beta version of Android 14, undoubtedly an alternative that has attracted a lot of attention, while the rest of the marks are still pending. .

Although Xiaomi estimates the launch for August 16, nothing is certain yet, so from Samsung you can see the first impressions of Android 14 in its testing phase. Here we share what they're talking about.