Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S

I have a S20 Ultra 5G and I show that I am up to date but that is from feb...UA4.


I know there have been a few more updates since then and my phone just isnt finding them.  I was on sprint and just switched my sim cards over to TMobile since the merger.  Weird things have been happening, but not enough to concern myself. But I really think I should be on that new One UI 3.1 that unlocks the Esim on North American phones.

I have found the software but I dont just want to load it if there is a right OTA way to do it.  Another customer said he is in the same boat and was told that UA4 doesnt show up with sprint or tmobile and that is why the newer updates arent coming through.

Help...I just dont want to carry around two phons if ESIM is finally being activated.