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Want more control over editing photos? Look no further than the Expert RAW app

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The secret sauce of professional photographers is shooting in RAW. Instead of outputting a JPEG that has been compressed to the smallest file size possible at the expense of maximum detail, RAW gives photographers a way of accessing the uncompressed data of an image, straight from the camera sensor. Then they take advantage of all that data to finesse every aspect of an image in an app like Adobe Lightroom¹.

If you’re not a pro, you might find the RAW image format to be hard to work with. RAW images tend to have a lot of static. But if you have a Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+, S22 or S21 Ultra, an innovative camera app called Expert RAW² lets you effortlessly shoot in Linear DNG 16-bit RAW files with even greater clarity and a wider dynamic range than regular RAW files.

Click here to learn how three professional photographers took their Galaxy S22 Ultras to shoot in three very different environments, and shared their stunning results.


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