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Video files not compressing properly

(Topic created on: 09-19-2023 07:10 PM)
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When lowering the quality of a video file through the video editor and saving, the lower quality video is displayed and the matching file size is showing as well, however, you can just change the quality back to the highest quality and the file size reverts to the large size, meaning the same space is taken up by the smaller video, and when sorting the videos by size, the **bleep** size is shown, while more mb are "hidden" in the file. The only way to overcome this is to save a copy and delete the original file, and I wish just saving the file would work for what's needed perhaps even with a grace period. 
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Galaxy S
בשביל שאכן תתאפשר האופציה להחזיר את המצב לקדמותו, לפני העריכה, הקובץ עצמו חייב להישמר בצורה מסוימת.

אז כן, הפתרון היחיד שיש כרגע זה ליצור עותק ואז למחוק את המקור.