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Very slow, laggy, and glitchy phone app

(Topic created on: 03-19-2022 08:32 PM)
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My phone app has been very slugish and slow for the past 5 months. Today it took me almost 3 minutes to get a call thru to someone else, because when I press it to call it unresponsive. This has been a big issue for me

 and I've tried many things to fix it such as 
-Soft reset
-clearing the apps Cache 
-force stopping the app
-checking for updates 

I also have 120gb of storage left and optimize my phone regularly and I don't usualy have many tabs open

The screen recording I attached is a example of how slow the app is
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Hey maybe there's a software issue because my mom has a Samsung s21 FE and it works very smooth the calls go immediately , maybe it is because you have too much storage try -:

-Deleting apps you don't use
-Deleting unnecessary pictures and videos
-Optimising your phone frequently (You can add the optimising widget)
-Limit the use of your phone
-Delete tabs everyday at the end of the day
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I delete my tabs on a regular basis, optomize my phone and I have 100gb of free storage, I sent a error report to samsung but I never got a reply back
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Please bring your device to a Samsung Service Center to have it checked out my a technician and help resolve the issue. 

Find the nearest service center near you online, or on Samsung.com, or by calling the call center or passing by one of the Samsung brand stores.