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Vertical Green line at the center of the screen on S20+

(Topic created on: 02-07-2022 05:25 AM)
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1 year and 3 months into the purchase of my Galaxy S20+ device,  a vertical green appeared out of no where while watching a video. 

Browsing through the community posts, I am definitely not the first one. What caught my attention was that other unfortunate users also started experiencing their share of greenery at about the same time after purchasing the product.  This makes me think the mobile phone scams that we've all heard of are real.

Not to mention the ridiculous experience I had with the local service center and the customer care people over phone who always puts the blame on the customer once the product is out of warranty. They don't care if the issue is common or not, simply want to bag the 15k for a replacement.





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Fully agreed on this regard as the line appeared from no where right after one day of updating the device to Android 12.  The authorized service center asked me to pay 75k for the display replacement.  No one from Samsung has given a reasonable solution for this until now even it is clearly a manufacturing fault. 

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This is a common issue with S20 series. Samsung aknowledged that they are aware of this and gonna introduce an exchange methid ir something, but doesnt seem they are implementing it anytime in the near future.
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It is common issue bro 😑 nothing to do😔