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Usb otg can't read

(Topic created on: 01-10-2023 06:47 PM)
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Galaxy S
I have a galaxy s10 that I just bought recently it's in an excellent condition and everything works fine except for the USB OTG when I connect my SanDisk flash drive using a type-C OTG it doesn't seem to be read no matter what file managers I install so anyone had a solution for it ?
Phone updated to security update 
No problems in flash drive 
The phone wad wiped factory data just after buying / not rooted and the system is official 
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We either seek for microSD card or looking for USB C Flash Drives to store extra data or move the data to the PC. This troubleshooting is especially made to fix the most common, Samsung S10, S10Plus Won’t Detect USB Drive/OTG Cable.