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Upgrading the phone

(Topic created on: 05-15-2021 04:41 PM)
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Wanted suggestions on upgrading my phone to s21.. I am really happy with s10 plus but still wanted to explore more on s21.. after my first Samsung phone I.e s10 plus.. I am no where near in my mind to go for brand other than Samsung.. any promotional offer or even a freebie works for me 😉😎 in upgrading to s21 in oman.. I have not seen any kind of promotion for the existing Samsung users
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I would say stick to your S10 plus. I too owned an S10 Plus and upgraded to s21 ultra thinking of a better camera and overall new flagship experience. But trust me S10 plus camera still beats the s21 ultra's Back cameras in every way! Except the 100x zoom ( Which isn't worth to be the sole reason to upgrade ) Main back Cameras are not at all up to the mark. Other than that the smooth display is buttery smooth but i mainly bought it for its camera. I too watched plenty of Reviews on YouTube but when i got my s21 ultra exynos version the camera wasnt great i waited for updates. It has received couple updates until now which hasn't fixed the Cameras much! S10 plus's pictures were mighty crisp and sharp. And thats nowhere to be seen in the pictures clicked on s21 Ultra. The images have slight blurr with less detail most of the times. So wait for now enjoy using your s10 plus wait for 2 to 3 months see if s21 ultra's camera issues has completely been fixed and then make your decision! Lets hope Samsung does fix the Camera issues, i am too hoping for them to do so. If it doesn't get improved then i would say wait for s22 ultra with new improvements.