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Upgraded to the S24 Ultra

(Topic created on: 02-08-2024 08:00 PM)
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Galaxy S
I finally upgraded from the S23 Ultra to the S24 Ultra today 🥳

So far the stability has been impressive & playing around with some AI features has been a blast so far!

Let's hope Samsung can introduce the Software Update that has been rumoured to fix the small niggles that many YouTubers have been noting...if that's the case, this phone (just like the S23 Ultra) could be in the running for Phone of The Year already! 😎
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Galaxy S
YouTube has been freezing like crazy on my F13 One UI 6. Doesn't scroll at times lol. But still usable.
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This could have been me in January as well, but vodacom caught me with their dodgy plans. My contract ended or was supposed to be due for upgrade 21 January, but they claimed I did the upgrade early with my s21 ultra , in 2021 after they charged me a penalty of R300 more per month at that time, so now I can only upgrade 1st April. So I will loose out on all the pre order gifts! I consider to save up for the device, buy it cash and cut vodacom contracts out completely and just go on pay as you go and trade my device every year or 2nd year instead of waiting 3 years and get conned by vodacom and get harassed everytime on rhe phone as their sly salesman wants to give me a huge data bundle on a contract due for termination so he can r@pe my budget for another 2 years,after I told him I want to cancel and I have wifi at home. Good luck with the device. Hope samsung store becomes better though. Samsung is an excellent product, but samsung south africa is letting down its customers