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Unexpected Pre-Order Experience 😍😍(Must See) - S24 Ultra 1TB Titanium Black

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First off, Wow. I thought deep down that all this AI talk will be just Gimmicks that i will use once or never use, boy i was wrong...

Samsung and Google took the AI game to another level, and i cannot wait to start using the features as soon as i get my hands on the phone. I'm not going to take a deep dive at the features now, you all watched them live, so i will do that when the phone is in my hands, but let me share how i was able to save a fortune by always buying directly from Samsung.com online store, i said it every year, pushed for it, but little i knew the benefits!!!


I was able to get the S24 Ultra 1TB for 4599AED, you heard that right!

Turns out i had 101 055 (One hundred and one thousand) Samsung points from all my previous purchases, and i was a Platinum Tier member without even knowing. Those points equal to AED 1010.55, which i accumulated by buying all my Samsung electronics (TV, Wearables, Accessories, Phones, Tablets) direclty from the Samsung website the past 2 years.

Samsung Rewards.png

When you join or if you joined the Samsung Rewards Program, you apparently accumulate points and Tiers as per the below:


Samsung Tiers.png

These are points you can use on the chekout step before completing the purchase. (You will see the option to deduct as many as you want before choosing your payment method) 

I also received a voucher by email, which is First Come First Served for the first 1000 customers, that also deducts AED 500 from the Price of the already discounted device.

This year, Samsung is offering in the UAE the below when you pre-order:


Samsung Online Offers.png

After checking the devices and prices, i went for the 1TB variant, which was at the price of the 512GB that i buy every year.


Device Price Online.png

Long story short, by using AED 500 (Half My Rewards) from my accumulated loyalty points, along with an additional AED 500 from the voucher i received by mail, in addition to the Samsung offer to Double The Storage, i paid AED 4599 instead of AED 6758 (SAVED AED 2159) and here's what i got:

1x Samsung S24Ultra 1TB Device. (Worth AED 6599)

1x 45W Charger. (Worth AED 159)

1x Samsung Care+ for 2 Years. (1 Free additional year worth AED 299)

1x GCC Entertainer valid for 1 Year. (No clue how much that worth but i'll take it πŸ˜ )

1x 32193 Samsung points that are equivalent to AED320 back to my Rewards, which i will definitely use to buy some accessories.



Samsung Order 2.png

Please note that offers will vary from one Country/Region to another, and the voucher is based on FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis for the 1st 1000 Customers. 

You will always find exclusive colours only on the Samsung Official Website, but those might take more time to be delivered as they are customized.

Online Exclusive Colors.png

Here's a link below to the UAE Samsung Website, and don't forget to sign up for the rewards so you can benefit like i did!!!!


If you are in the UAE, you can trade in your old device and get up to AED 3700 in cash, depending on the state of your device (Graded based on scratches and functionality)

Here's my previous Trade In Experience and how to do it:



Stay tuned for the yearly Initial Thoughts/Hands-On Review, Followed by the  deep dive review. (You can find my previous devices reviews on my page)

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Yes, great offer.

I am seeing price as AED 4399 and can get AED 100 off via Emirates NBD Card.

Though it is very tempting offer , I guess I will hold on to my small S23 Green for bit longer !


May be I can get lucky and win something.

When we will result of raffle draw?
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Hi Timon, first of all i hope you win it and don't need to buy a new one! hoestly, i like to replace yearly, the S23 Ultra is my favorite device so far from the past 5+ years maybe, if it ain't broke, then no need to replace it.

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You are right. Being Note user earlier, I also wanted to have Ultra device. Also with S24 Ultra , you are guaranteed to get Snapdragon variant.

Offers are really good now.
But S23 has it's own advantage of being compact, pocket friendly.

Hope you get your S24 Ultra soon and share unboxing , review.
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i can't wait to share this experience with everyone, it will be epic, already pre ordered my Dbrand case and skins from Canada and they will ship out the same time!

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Oh wow. Nice.
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Hurry up! Head now to Pre-order: