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Unable to change the country of my S20+ ( XEF)

(Topic created on: 02-22-2021 03:40 PM)
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Unable to change the region of my S20 +, yet I have a multi CSC but nothing to do, I tried the methods found on the WEb with combination of keys.

I also flash with the last official Samsung version containing the XEF code for France but that does not affect anything !! I am still in TMH, hungary country.

I have the feeling that Android 11 prevents this function on my phone

Can someone help me? thank you

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Hi, changing the CSC is not easy now.
First of all, you have to downgrade your firmware to something prior to August security patch. Then you have to use CSC changer (windows app) to use an exploit in Samsung galaxy themes app. I tried it on my note 20 ultra and it worked.

Here is a detailed link for the installation process(Note 20 Ultra), I hope the process will be the same for S20 except you have to download the correct firmware.


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Please bring the device to a Samsung Service Center to see if a technician can help resolve this.