If you are hanging on to your old phone waiting for the right moment to upgrade, now is the time. Whether you are an IT leader looking for the right mobile device for your workforce, or a business professional upgrading your personal phone, here are 10 reasons to opt for the Galaxy S20 lineup.


The new era of mobile connectivity starts now. Experience hyperfast 5G connections and unlock revolutionary new ways of doing business.

With the Galaxy S20 and a 5G connection, the only thing slowing you down is how fast you can think. Stream with virtually no lag, share and download large files in near real-time, and create a 5G hotspot wherever you go. Working just got hyperfast and hyper-productive.

The S20+ and S20 Ultra further expand your 5G horizons by supporting both mmWave and Sub6 bandwidths, meaning fast connectivity more of the time.

For business, the opportunities for 5G are limitless. Transform the way you operate by partnering with the 5G network infrastructure and device leader.



The Galaxy S20 lineup features larger, longer-lasting batteries so you have the power to last through your day. The S20 Ultra 5G, for example, has a battery rated at 5,000mAh, a more than 40% increase in 2018โ€™s flagship Galaxy S9.

Samsung also incorporates an intelligent power-saving algorithm that learns from how you use the device and maximizes your battery life. It takes you through a day โ€“ or more โ€“ of work and life without ever giving out on you.

The S20 also ups the ante with Super Fast Charging. Just a few minutes of charge gives you hours of power. With Wireless PowerShare, you can zap an extra power boost to your Galaxy Buds, smartwatch, or a colleagueโ€™s phone just by placing them on the back of your S20.



The Galaxy S20 lineupโ€™s breakthrough camera system lets you capture pro-quality photos and video, without hiring a big production crew.

Make your world bigger with the groundbreaking 100x Space Zoom on the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, making subjects 300 feet in the distance look like they are 3 feet away. (The Galaxy S20 5G and S20+ 5G feature 30x Space Zoom.)

The Galaxy S20 also captures crisp, bright photos and videos in low light without a flash. This is the result of the massive increase in the resolution of its image sensors and โ€“ on the S20 Ultra 5G โ€“ smart pixel โ€œbinningโ€ technology. In low light, the camera is able to combine information from multiple pixels together to deliver a sharper image with less noise.

With a full kit of a pro lens, you can capture images just as your eyes see them โ€” whether youโ€™re in the field, at an event or in a meeting room.

With Samsungโ€™s onboard editor, you can quickly and easily edit, annotate, caption and share incredible photos and videos right from your Galaxy S20.


The Galaxy S20 is protected by Samsung Knox, our defense-grade security platform thatโ€™s built-in from the chip up. No matter where your team goes or what they do, Knox keeps hackers out and your companyโ€™s data safe from the second the device turns on.

The Galaxy S20 takes data protection to the next level by introducing a new Secure Processor, which is dedicated to protecting your PIN, password, pattern, and Blockchain Private Key.

Trusted by governments around the world, Knox protects your business by isolating, encrypting and securing your data, while providing close integration with leading enterprise mobility management tools.

For government agencies and other businesses leveraging Common Access Cards, the S20 is the first smartphone to implement enhanced ciphers and signatures that allow the device to become a digital CAC, replacing physical cards and readers.



Integrated within S20โ€™s seamless display, Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID lets you secure your phone like never before.

Simply press your finger against the display and unlock it with the first touch. Itโ€™s quick and easy to use, so you can access your device and get to work in an instant.

The in-display sensor reads every ridge and notch of your finger, to ensure your sensitive data wonโ€™t fall into the wrong hands.

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