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With the current COVID-19 situation, it's no secret that almost all hardware launching right now is struggling with sales. That's not exactly the case with the most expensive phone from Samsung's S20 lineup - the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

We've heard this one before and analysts say that even though the S20 lineup isn't doing great as a whole, the S20 Ultra in particular is selling better than expected. Now we have confirmation coming straight from one of the suppliers saying that Samsung is ramping up production of the rear 12MP ultra-wide sensor and the front-facing 40MP selfie cam, both found on the S20 Ultra.

There were analysts who claimed that consumers would go for either the Galaxy S20 or the S20+ as they offer better value for money. Well, it seems that value isn't always the most important factor and the S20 Ultra makes this evident with its ludicrous $1,400 price tag.

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every one felt regret for that exynos processor. that's why in S.korea company giving snapdragon processor. it is better to company other wise oneplus 8 series n apple's upcoming product is ready kick out the s20 series.