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Samsung was the largest smartphone maker in 2020 overall, but the company lost the top spot to Apple in the fourth quarter of the year due to the success of the iPhone 12 series. Nevertheless, it turns out that Apple wasn’t able to maintain the lead for long, as new reports indicate that Samsung has once again topped the global smartphone shipment charts in February.

Samsung has reportedly shipped a total of 24 million smartphones in February and has captured 23.1% market share, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics cited by The Morung Express. In contrast, Apple reportedly shipped 23 million smartphones over the same time period and has secured 22.2% of the market.

The gap between Samsung and Apple has narrowed

Although Samsung was able to retake the lead from Apple before the end of the first quarter, this appears to have come at a cost, as the gap between the two tech giants is now a lot narrower than it used to be in previous years.

Samsung usually held a market share lead of more than 5% over Apple in Q1 in any given year, but that’s no longer the case. The gap between them is now a little under 1%, which means that Samsung’s position remains under threat even though it is technically the top OEM.