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(Topic created on: 09-20-2022 01:55 AM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S
I am biggest fan of Samsung company 
Because this company I know can change the future 
But I want they improve and work on some area to become first and best smartphone all time 
1. Work on there possessor you know that iPhone 14 pro max faster than latest phone 
2. Work of marketing 
We buy new phone At an exorbitant price but after 3 or 5 months or when new phone come we all lost huge money this is very disappointing us 
You see iphone price not drop huge and their customers didn't lose alot of theirs money 
4. Work on camera filters all 
Iphone phones take photo brighter than Samsung if it day or night it's not important in every situation iphone take best shot 
And lens of there camera all time take best pic but Samsung didn't after 1 or 2 years