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Sound quality on Samsung Music app

(Topic created on: 09-26-2023 09:17 AM)
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Does someone know why Samsung Music player decreases sound quality? It's nothing to do with the files, formats, phone, speakers, headphones... Everytime I download a song and open it trough file's explorer music player  it sounds fine, clear and loud, then as usual after the third press on the song it comes up with 'open in Samsung Music' and gives you the option to switch. Once I switch to it, it keeps playing the same song at the exact same time and quality decreases! I have tried VLC player (just to mention one) and the app itself is useless, but the sound is just as it should be! What's wrong with the Samsung music player? I don't think it has to do with equaliser or any other sound options, as I have tried enabling - disabling all of them and still makes no difference! It's just not as clear as it should and there doesn't seem to be a way of solving it. Has anyone else noticed it? 

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Try dolby atms
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If you want the short answer, Not every music app is created equal, and spoiler alert, the Samsung Music app is not the best in the world.

I've never felt the need to download the official Samsung Music app. Although VLC's interface could improve, it's a reliable audio and video player with support for many formats and near-perfect playback. On the other hand, the Samsung Music app seems to have focused on its aesthetically pleasing interface.

I recommend finding a quality music playback app that suits your needs and sticking with it. If you still wish to use the Samsung Music app, consider leaving a constructive but critical review in the Play Store/Galaxy Store. You never know if they'll update it and solve the issue.

I enjoy using Auxio, a music player that's open-source and has been developed by Oxygen Cobalt and other contributors since December 20, 2020. You can find it on GitHub, and it's free to use forever. The code used to create it is entirely safe and auditable. Remember, it won't be available on the Play Store since it's an open-source project; therefore, if you don't like downloading apps outside the playstore, find a good music player from the Play Store.