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Slow motion framedrop solution

(Topic created on: 05-13-2023 11:14 PM)
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Galaxy S
Hi folks, 

After so many concern, queries and request samsung has still not able to resolve this issue and thats a shame for samsung. My next smartphone will not a samsung device and even i know lots of you have the same feeling. Due to lots of samsung device with different configuration for diffrent region, this community is not useful at all to resolve the issue and still many of u having this slow motion bug from a decade.

So lets get to the solution now. Please download arnova stable gcam from below link:

Its not a stable for everything but it will fulfil your slow motion desire. I have tested this for more than a day and slow motion is working fine whereas stock camera still has the bug.

Please go and check the stable version. If u are facing a black screen in slow mo then go ahead and start recording. It will work fine after few attempt. No lag, no framedrop and most importantNo to Samsung for your next purchase.

Please leave ur comment and mark this as solution, it will help lots of other community member.👍