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Slow and inaccurate fingerprint Scanner

(Topic created on: 06-05-2021 11:38 PM)
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The finger print scanner of S20 FE 5G is really slow. I just switched from oneplus 3T to Samsung and I really miss that fast finger print recognition. 
 Seriously didn't expect this from Samsung.
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Only fingerprint scanner? Everything is slow in this hangsung 🤣
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Yes fingerprints are slow i dont know the exact reason why . And talking about other things , what samsung does is max out the smartphone in all sectors and then give a low peocessor with them . So our smartphone becomes slow.
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Bro beleave me .. I changed my galaxy s9 display 2 times and battery 3 times after purchase 🤣 😆 then also i can't resist draining of battery.... most 3rd class quality parts of hangsung + fully unoptimised software.... I will never purchase any device from hangsung... I saw pixel ,apple , mi ,one plus but never seen a worst mobile company like hangsung where heat ,lag ,battery drain is just like Bixby routine daily
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Open apps and then 3 dot menu, special access, optimise battery usage, search biometrics.
Disable battery optimisation for biometrics and disable show animation when unlocking for fingerprint

Your fingerprint sensor will be faster
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