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Should Samsung be worried?

(Topic created on: 09-29-2022 06:04 PM)
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Galaxy S
I recently said samsung should improve their shops,having the option of getting a contract in store like mtn, telkom,vodacom. I also said samsung should improve their online experience not having that really bad implementation of a where to buy banner,and that samsung should open more stores and offer samsung computers as well. We'll there were surveys conducted in south africa about samsung vs apple customer satisfaction and which phone is going to be the next phone people are going to buy ,and it turns out Apple is winning over the people of south africa. My question is, samsung will this wake you up or will you let apple take the win. For me as much as I am a loyal samsung person for many years,I also consider apple on my next upgrade, as their store is way better inside,and they are opening a store in my town, and they offer apple laptops and they staff is highly efficient and proffessional. Went with my friend there to fit a screen protector on the iphone 12 pro max, got sorted in 10 minutes by a very friendly apple salesperson, the experience is just amazing, and the screenprotector had a nifty cradle you put over the phone,and just pull a sticker,and it is done ,and it looked as if there is no screen protector on looked like the the phones original screen! . l like my samsung camera more,  but the rest of the temptation to get apple products is just overwhelming. Way better trade in deals,up to R10000 rand more than the lousy R10000 on samsung.  For example, on the iphone 14, you get up to R21000 on the iphone 13 pro max ,whereas samsung s22 ultra trade in tops at R10000. In other countries it is the other way around, there samsung gets the better deals,and I will post the proof at some stage for all to see .Samsung stores also had many complaints. I went to samsung store in mall of africa,was interested in the samsung s6 tablet and no one was interested in helping me all salespersons just looked tired. I had an apple customer with me ,that was a potential samsung customer,really was a pity and spoiled the new possible customers experience, we just went to Istore and rather got the ipad. Samsung just need to get samsung laptops,the samsung smart tags plus ,in store cellular deals instead of the pay off deals,better online store experience and better customer service, then we can perhaps forgive the lower trade in prices. Even this members app looks like it is only managed by one poor soul. This members app is a brilliant idea by the way,something apple does not have,but samsung does not take full advantage of it is ,really sad to see it,samsung can be so close to make money like the trees on earth,but the energy in south africa is just gone! Really a pity to see this great company go under by lost in interest of samsung south africa, go learn from apple! My next phone is definitely gonna be the iphone! 1 year left on my contract! Time is running out samsung! Once I get my apple device,watch this space,I have lots of samsung products.  I will start selling them to you guys,to get into the apple ecosystem!