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Severe Slow and hanging everyday after upgrade to 12

(Topic created on: 03-03-2022 03:32 PM)
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One of the most latest S series mobile S21 started badly hanging after upgrading it to one 12. It didn't hang when I had one 11 in it. Most of the time it's own camera causes hanging and it either does reboot or switching off when hanging. I approached Samsung support team. They gave me diagnose paper in my hand saying everything is perfect.
 I made a mistake buying Samsung S21 and spent to makes me upset only. Never ever recommend for any Samsung product 😡
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You may try wiping cache partition by booting device into recovery mode. It is recommended to wipe your cache partition after every update.
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I don't face this issues anymore after the latest update. I restarted the device before and it worked for me. 🙈
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I am facing the same issues with the camera, also I go through Samsung guide but still not solved