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Screen protector

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Hi guys, currently I'm using S24 ultra. Is it safe for my screen to put a glass screen gaurd ? Is it badly effect the performance of the screen. Can anyone suggest me the best way. 
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If you want to keep your phone’s screen in top condition, a screen protector is a good investment. Choose one that fits your needs and budget.
Think about your usage, the level of protection you want, and whether you prefer a clear display or anti-glare properties. 😊
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Ensure that the screen protector is compatible with the S24 Ultra's display design, including any curved edges or cutouts for sensors and cameras. A precise fit will maintain touch sensitivity and visibility.

A properly installed screen protector should not significantly affect the performance of the screen. It should maintain touch sensitivity, clarity, and responsiveness. If you experience any issues after applying the screen protector, such as reduced touch sensitivity or visibility, consider removing and reapplying it or trying a different brand.

Keep in mind that while a glass screen protector can provide additional protection against scratches and minor impacts, it may not prevent damage from more severe impacts or accidents. Consider using a protective case in combination with the screen protector for comprehensive device protection.

By following these guidelines and selecting a quality screen protector, you can safely enhance the protection of your Samsung S24 Ultra's screen without compromising its performance.