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Samsung stole my heart!

(Topic created on: 03-07-2024 09:11 PM)
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Galaxy S
As some of you guys know,I had some gripes in the past on this forum with samsung, but this past week samsung changed my perspective. 
With my wife's S24 Ultra we discovered under benefits there's a R1000 voucher up for grabs! We enrolled and had some issues with the email, promptly we got a call the next day from samsung to inform us we should use the address we registered for the samsung event. So we did it and 2hours later we got the voucher code. My wife bought the Galaxy fit 3 online with her voucher and we paid in R249. To our surprise the next day at 12 it was delivered, and the watch was nothing short from amazing. Basic features, but just enough for your heath needs and messaging and a small face to suit the ladies. We get about 4 days in the 50% battery charge as it came out of the box, absolutely amazing 👏
Today I went to pick up my device and the lady of samsung was in the vodacom shop and gave me another R2000 voucher, which I used for the buds fe and they are also amazing. My wife also got a free power bank from the friendly samsung people as they passed the store. For free!
Thank you samsung! You are amazing! Now we just need a samsung store in Witbank to bring more awesomeness to our town!