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Samsung s22 whatsapp error

(Topic created on: 06-03-2023 09:31 PM)
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I had to reset my s22 today and hence i took the whatsapp backup on google drive. After resetting and opening whatsapp on other device, everything goes well and all the chats and data are stored. However, once its finally done and later when I close the whatsapp in backround or the app, again when i have to open it, it just doesn't open at all and gives error to close the app, wait or send feedback. Done all 3 but no help so far. I tried to reinstall and uninstall whatsapp several times and on different devices but still the same error. SOS!!!

Can someone please help me here by sharing any advice if whatsapp has an issue or its any corrupt file or what? 

Thanks in advance. 
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1. Re installing whatsapp must be done through play store

2. Within the backup folder delete other copies and keep only the latest one

3. Whatsapp's security got enhanced!
So using stored data on another device may not be guaranteed

4. Use a customized whatsapp ( you'll find a lot out there. Not recommend though) 😕