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Samsung's brutal policy of updates.

(Topic created on: 05-30-2021 08:00 PM)
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Galaxy S
A huge company like Samsung isn't quit careful towards software updates of its mobile devices, let them be Flagships or midrange phones.
 It isn't only my word but it is the word of every mobile phone user, even some of the users call it shamesung. If someone is already using the brand they are crying, somebody who is thinking to switch brand or even a past loyal user has the same pain in his/her heart. And because it most of the time make us ashamed among our other friends while talking about latest updates. 
 Although it releases so called monthly updates, but in a couple of months period and that my dear hurts. 
 Other manufacturers try to complete and/or fix bugs in their devices with monthly updates while our dear darling only completes cycles of Google updates, to showcase it is indeed on track. 
 I have been crying and trying to convince the company that my Galaxy S20FE's camera **bleep**, its focusing in all modes is creepy. I have seen devices like Pixel 3 even Pixel 2 with its 4 years old hardware can much much better focus and take better shots. The S20FE's front camera & battery also **bleep** you like black hallows **bleep** Harry Potter. 
 I had been a loyal Samsung customer in the days of S2 till S4 and left the brand with S5. I turned back to S20FE thinking the company might have change in these years but see we are on the same place.