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Samsung’s April 2024 firmware could address remaining Galaxy S24 camera flaws

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Samsung has confirmed that it will release a software update for the Galaxy S24 series that will fix a camera issue that causes some photos to be taken dark. The issue affects the camera app when the automatic exposure (AE) is locked at certain zoom ratios (1.6~1.9x, 4.6~9.9x).

AE lock is a feature that allows you to lock the exposure value for a specific area of the scene. This can help you achieve better results in challenging lighting conditions. To use AE lock, you can either touch the area you want to expose on the screen and then tap the lock icon, or press and hold the area for a few seconds. A frame will appear to indicate that the focus and exposure are locked.

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One of the hugest problems for me is that I'm a filmmaker. When using ANY lens, you get vignette when panning left or right in the Camera stock app. Seems like turning off stabilization does nothing. Either it's bypassing this setting and turning it on, or something's up in their camera app. I was forced to used Filmic Pro with stabilization off in order to get rid of vignette. It's great they've finally featured wide, anamorphic, DOF, etc. but I wonder if they even had any testers. I have two S24 Ultra, and it's definitely a software issue with the stock camera (likely something to do with stabilization off not sticking).

For now, this needs work, especially if it's marketing the camera towards professional mobile filmmakers and photographers.

P.s, yes camera assist is on (only way to toggle DOF and anamorphic lens).

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This is the worst update... why take away speech to text... like why??


Bring it back. A lot of people use that function... this makes me want to go to apple and I hate them... do you all eve do consumer research before take **bleep** away??