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Samsung s 23 ultra

(Topic created on: 11-16-2023 01:20 AM)
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This new update have a lot of problems suppose you want to call record there is no option available for that and even if you want to be make a second applications within dual messenger there is no option available for also the secure folder it's a good option but it's not for app secure lock.. needed the separate security option for app lock 🔒 I am just confusing what kind of this new updates..

Kindly update and include the auto call recording option and app secure lock and the dual messenger which support all application dual mode.. 
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I ask Samsung about it. Answer lock by country law🙄
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Samsung deactivates the call recording function where the law prohibits it. So, if you don't see a Record Call option on your Android device, it's not a bug but a legal requirement that Samsung follows. Also, Samsung's call recording feature does not work on Wi-Fi calls
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We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Kindly be advised that Call Recording feature is not supported in Samsung Gulf region.
Regarding the issue that you are facing with dual messenger, please send an error report to our technical team so they will be able to investegate the issue and assist you in solving it. To send an error report, please follow the below steps:

Long press the Samsung Members icon on the Apps screen and Tap Error reports.
Tap OK on the agreement popup to send system log data.
Select Symptom category.
Describe the problem in detail and SEND.

We are sorry to say that at the moment, there is no option to lock any application on your device. You can check the secure folder option. Or, you can install a third party application for locking your applications and we strongly recommend checking the review of the third party application before installing it.