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I think samsung is playing dirty business tricks...They are pushing intended buggy firmware and forcing customers either to buy new phone/pouring money to service centre.

They did this with my Note 4 earlier and now they started it on my s7 edge.

U know what is interesting after all this...!! If u ever tried contacting their customer support on call they will listen to ur problems calmly...!!and when their turn comes for replying they will cut calls jst after this every time for the reason "Network issues"

Now u have to tell the story to another bloody cs person as they are receiving calls randomly..!!

They even do not bother to call customer back despite of their call disconnection fu***ng network problem issue...despite they have all the info of customer which they collect one by one by asking over 5mins on first ever a call connection ( on the no network issue time period zone)

And this network issue is still with them day after day..!!hour after hour..!!

As there are no inovative smartphone manufactures left in the world we all have to purchase this 3rd class company's products..!!

#bloodsucker samsung
#hate samsung

I wl never buy samsung products ever in my life again..!!

Am i thinking wrong..!!

What will be much more funnier than all this all samsung admin will comment (sorry he will copy/paste)under this post...
"Thank you for your query. The relevant department may serve you better/speedily, if you can provide logs/video by registering this feedback in Error Section (Samsung Members App -> Feedback -> Questions/Errors -> Create -> Error reports)."

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**** it is not you thought just an * sign