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Samsung phones need to add led light

(Topic created on: 12-05-2022 01:35 PM)
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New Samsung phone hasn't led notifications blink light for missing notifications like whatsapp sms missed calls and extra.....there is need to add o ring notification at least around the camera to alet inside aod by blink circle around camera notch to remind us about any missed notification spicealy or phone hasnt any blinking light notification..... please add this feature to aod we hope to see new updates for aod by add this feature to help us or add at least dynamic island to new aod apk.....
Ithink it is time to add new features to always on display oring camera notch to inform there is missing notifications 
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Please submit your feedback by the following steps:

• Open Samsung Memebers App,
• Go to the support tab (Below there are three tabs, click on support tab.)
• Scroll down until you see the feedback header, under that you'll see 'Ask a question' click on that.
• A new tab will open, please send them your feedback.

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