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Samsung galaxy s23 Overheating

(Topic created on: 02-21-2024 10:54 PM)
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Galaxy S
I bought a Galaxy S23 4 days ago. First time charging and it was hot. I thought it wasnt that important. Now it am using it and its around 40 degrees on light use. Tried recording a 8k video and jumps to 50. It is in its first charge cycle and i have yet to use Smartswitch. Is there a solution to this

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Galaxy S
Hi No unfortunately but till the service centre deals with this issue, you can try (if you haven't):

Turn off auto updates for these: system updates, galaxy and play store updates, galaxy themes etc

Turn off customisation service, remove accounts (aurora store and fdroid are much lighter for getting apps. and there are open source solutions for critical options such as 'find my phone')

Turn off location accuracy setting bygoogle, delete supl

Disable adaptive battery and adaptive power saving

Enable data saver

Remove unwanted, unneccessary apps, disable if not removable
Galaxy S
my friend, it is normal for the device to heat up during the first installation, you have charged it and it has heated up more, everything seems normal so far. It is normal to heat up during video recording, especially at 8k, but you said that it works hot in daily use, where do you get these degree measurements, if these temperatures are directly core temperature, it is normal, but if the acra surface of the device is 40 degrees in normal use, there may be a problem.
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