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Samsung galaxy Ecosystem - 2019

(Topic created on: 04-08-2020 09:32 PM)
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Galaxy S
Hi guys,

I am a proud galaxy s10+ user and I am really amazed by the kind of device it is. In the initial stages of usage you would not find anything out of box. But the moment you get a chance to compare with any other android device, that is when s10+ really goes and absolutely destroys that device in every field.
Talk of screen, battery, camera, wireless charging, anything. And oh yes, we are the rarest species on planet earth 🌍 having a flagship device with the 
mighty 3.5mm jack .
 In all it is an absolutely amazing piece of tech in hand with some really stunning looks capturing lot of eyeballs 👀.
.. Then, I got the hyped galaxy buds, and the sound quality is amazing, combined with the dolby atmos of s10+ it can really do wonders. And yeah it's the first device of its kind to feature wireless charging. I have literally experienced people asking me what is it, and then they just get shocked with the kind of new age tech that's built in. Fabulous sound, wireless charging, dual adaptive microphones, you name it, samsung has got you covered. 
Then, I got the galaxy watch, because I knew it would really help me to stay connected, fit & trendy at the same time & really galaxy watch has ticked all boxes. Amazing battery, amoled panel, it has got everything you need. Looking for something special, it has got wireless charging. Oh yeah baby, no wires, welcome to 2019.
And you would say, that completes the samsung family, oh no sir, samsung has got an ace up it sleeves to serve all your wireless devices.
And that is when I bought the Samsung wireless powerbank. 10000mah, wireless charging, type-c charging for powekbank, oh boy its crazy good. Charge 2 devices in one go. Galaxy watch wireless charging & galaxy buds with the type c charging when needed. Never run out of charge. This is what really completes the Samsung family.
 To make this whole ecosystem a breeze, galaxy wearable & smart things app will keep you smartly connected. .
I feel really bad for people still stuck with wires, wake up guys its samsung uninterrupted future 🔮 and its looking bright 🔆. .
In all, I would say samsung is the only company in market leading with all this futuristic tech making sure is simple & smart for the end user. I don't think anyone even has the capability to beat this staggering connected android experience.


. It's not only #galaxylifeuninterrupted but it's now #wirelessgalaxylifeuninterrupted also. 😎

Thank you all !!!