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Samsung details the ProVisual Engine behind the Galaxy S24 Ultra's cameras

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Samsung has published an infographic detailing the advancements it was able to achieve with the Galaxy S24 Ultra's new Quad Tele camera system and the ProVisual Engine that drives it.

It all starts with the improved Nightography on the tele end. The S24 Ultra's new 5x zoom camera has twice as big of a sensor and 60% larger pixels at 1.4μm than the old 10x imager. It also has a wider stabilization angle, meaning the OIS is better. Then on the behind-the-scenes side, the new 5x camera's AI-enabled image signal processor (ISP) has a 42% faster neural processing unit (NPU), and the shutter of the zoom is 30% faster.Then there's the new Generative Edit, which leverages the Galaxy S24 Ultra's potent AI for straightening, resizing, in-painting, and out-painting techniques to fill in the gapsExpert RAW now enables a new 24MP mode, which fuses high-res 50MP images with multi-frame 12MP images. The AI Fusion 24MP shots have HDR (though not the Ultra HDR that brightens highlights in the Gallery and Google Photos), and can be exported as a JPEG only, RAW only, or both.Finally, let's talk about Enhance-X, Samsung's very own AI-powered editor, and its new Camera Shift feature. It lets you adjust the angle and perspective of a photo after you've taken it, by using AI. Essentially it gives you the option to make a photo a low angle, an over-the-top angle, or a straight-on angle to emphasize what you want in a subject. @samsung @samsungexpert

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