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Samsung S21 ultra

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With all due respect, Samsung's payline is also not functional in Oman as well.
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you should not waste your money on a Samsung cell phone. 
Since I have been using Samsung phones for ten years, the quilty and proformas are very low this time around. 
I'm using the S21 ultra at the moment and it's running slow.
Samsung's service center in Muscat, Oman has been contacted many times, but my phone continues to have the same issue.
My other samsung phone note 20 ultra has the same issue.
There are other Android devices that perform better than Samsung these days.
Several years ago, I purchased an iPhone 8 plus, but within three months, I replaced it with a Samsung. Today, I'm replacing it with an iPhone again. 
The only reason why it's hard for me is because of Samsung proformas.
I have been using Samsung devices since the Note 5. However, I no longer plan to purchase any Samsung phones for me or my family
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Sorry to hear that from you.

I am also a S21Ultra user but I didn't feel any difference in my phone's speed. I am also using it more than a year now. But it is as fluid as it was brand new. It running on Android 12 with One UI 4.1.

Since you are an old Samsung user, so must be knowing the ways to boost the speed and presume that you have already tried those.

Good luck 👍