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Pls confirm, samsung service team & customer care supervisor claiming that If we use other apps apart from Samsung apps the battery will last only 4 hours screen time from 100% to 0%. 
And they saying boldly that amsung doesn't take any responsibility if apps consuming more battery.( Are they telling me to use only Samsung preloaded app in order to get maximum of 6 hrs battery life) if so why I should buy Samsung flagship phone.
Is everyone using only Samsung pre install apps in order to have good battery life.
Battery last only 4 hours of screen time after full charge. 

Service center and customer care both are useless.

Device: Samsung S 21 - 3 weeks old 
Service center: 0002220762 
Wasted time, money and energy by purchasing Samsung product 
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If any other app is consuming your battery, then samsung is not at fault. You need to contact or report that App, if you really want that app. Else, Uninstall that app. It's developer of App is at fault here. Collect the data on - battery usage by that App.