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Hello everyone, I am using dual whatsapp feature and noticed a very high battery drain since then. 

Can someone guide why is google play services take so much battery... 

Any feedback would be appreciated 

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google play service is taking lot of battery .... this is the main concern in samsung device... whatever tweak u do it's of no use ... specially when you use mobile data. disable sync account and try .... if may b useful....
Strange it got fixed, for me sometimes none and some days 0.8 percentage drain. Im on play services beta
is it with mobile .... with wifi it is proper no issue .... only when using mobile data it will go up
I have no problems in both.
as far as i know one of the main reasons of battery drain is background activity,
even you close apps but they uses ur battery and running in background unnecessary, see image(1) and read the statement.
2nd due to huge notification options.
for e.g ; Google has huge notification which we don't need at all see image(2) just scroll up and down and check how many notification it does have.
So do these settings to stop, which consume battery unnecessarily.

1. Settings>>Connection>more connections settings> disable nearby device settings

2. Settings>>Location>improve accuracy >disable
A. Wifi scanning
B. Bluetooth scanning .



Besides above settings do some more settings to save more battery life and observe for next 1-2 days, it will give a noticeable difference

3. Device care>battery >power mode>select "optimised" and "adaptive power saving".

And then click on "app power management >
And enable these 2 options.
A. Adaptive battery
B. Put Unused Apps to Sleep.

4. Long press on each app specially 3rd party(LIKE FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE) and rarely used apps and also ON "GOOGLE APP" as well, then click on>app info> then go to these 3 options below on by one

A. Mobile data> allow background data usage>off

B. Battery >allow background activity >off

C. Notification >disable unnecessary notifications like promotional and unnecessary reminder notifications.

5. Go to settings> privacy > permission manager > location> and check which app have accessing your location all the time and if not using that apps then deny access or set as " allowed only while in use"
As unnecessary location access by 3rd party app causing battery drain.

6.  Go to settings > Google > on device sharing> check which 3rd party apps present there for e.g. if you use paytm , paytm will  shared data to show recommendation and suggestion which also cause battery drain

7.  Go to settings > account and backup> account > checkwhich app syncing automatically there and if any app which not necessary to auto sync then click on it and disable sync.

8. Go to settings >apps>search "weather" >click on settings icon right side > change "auto refresh" settings as per your requirements and disable some unnecessary reminder. ( due to auto refresh it continuously consuming battery)

9. If you use Facebook frequently then disable "auto play video"
And if you are mostly uses mobile, on wifi connection then also disable "auto play videos" in YouTube.

10. Settings>>Google >click on 3dot at right top corner>usage and diagnostics >off this option.
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using dual whatsapp but no such drain.
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Simply go to Settings >Apps >Google Play Services and tap on Force Close & then delete Cache. Reboot your phone.
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Check if all your accounts are synced properly. And disable auto sync. And also follow Ketani72's answer