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Samsung One UI - Feedback

(Topic created on: 08-31-2021 11:04 PM)
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Galaxy S
Kinda feedback. 
Before One UI Samsung has its Samsung Experience UI and TouchWiz(old flagships and low end phones), were baking up S series 😀 flagships. Samsung Experience UI was good until marshmallow 6.0 but later in Samsung S6 Edge and S7 until S9, was not enough attractive. 

One UI 1.0 - completely redesigned and impressive UI. 
One UI 2.0 - little improvement in design 
One UI 3.0 - plausible. Notification panel and lockscreen are retouched. 

Still needs improvements 
Look at vivo
Look at EUMI - Huawei 
Look at Xiaomi
Look oppo 

All above devices are inspired iPhone in design aspects. In Samsung UI 3.0 lockscreen pin password screen is inspired by apple io. 🍎

What I mean to say
IPhone 4s has apple ios 9.0, and current version is 14 or 15. IPhone 6 lost its support from apple 🍎 one year ago. 

iOS 9.0 , apple iPhone 4s is still better than highend flagships with respect to software. I am not making final verdict, that apple is better, Samsung is best, vivo is rocking, xiami is badass, or realme is known by vloggers. This is not verdict. 

Should we wait for next update 🤔 one UI 4.0 . Samsung is improving 👌 2 is better , 3 is better than 2. 

This is not about designers. This is not a fault. This is a design philosophy 👌. How big techs work with long-term strategic philosophy 👏

If you like my feedback and review than wait for next. I will talk 👄 about hardware.