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Samsung Members App

(Topic created on: 06-16-2023 06:49 PM)
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Galaxy S

Is samsung limiting the capabilities of some of their apps in certain regions?

I just bought a samsing galaxy s21 fe, and so far it's served me well. But I feel I'm missing out on certain experiences simply because I'm not in the right region. I've been watching Jimmy is Promo's videos and there's so much he can do on his phone which I am unable to. 

For example, on his members app, he cam access the community right from the app. I however, am redirected to the browser to read a community post. Furthermore, he can read samsung news content right from the app, but for me, the only "news" content I have is samsung global goals, which actually redirects me to the playstore. I won't even get started on the good lock module (thanks to the developers of fine lock). There's lots more; samsung pay, certain security settings, beta programs, benefits and coupons, etc.

In summary, we buy the same phones people from the US, UK, South Korea, China, but we get inferior experiences than them. I don't think this is fair from samsung, and they should do something about it. 

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I 100% agree with you its the same case when it comes to the software deployment in other regions and especially USA the budget phones thats under Samsungs quarterly update plan like the galaxy A13 it gets security patches every month while I here in SA its once every 3 months.They are verry favoured specially in the USA and its not fair because they pay even less for the same phones we pay alot for.These people here from Samsung SA are asleep they are the problem...
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Samsung is not taking us serious