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Samsung Galaxy S20plus Overall performance

(Topic created on: 04-07-2020 02:29 AM)
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i have poor experience with my galaxy 20+ . the huge battery mah is a scam. samsung should have noticed that their battery is not good enough for their so called flagship phone. fyi it is overheating when using camera or using the phone in room temperature . just using social media app. im just using i.g. and facebook. but still its draining the battery so fast. already contacted samsung and they remotely checked my phone and the staff told me its not faulty. so i ask her. so whats the main reason why battery is draining fast. she said. coz you are using your phone. omg that answer is unacceptable. 😭😡 for 4500mah battery . it only takes 5 to 6 hours battery life. this freaking phone cant withstand the social media app? #samsung gotta be kidding me. morr features of the phone the poorer the battery life. i should have trust my doubt and chooose iphone instead. 😭😭😭

not just me . ive seen the community that they are experiencing the same way.

samsung should do more test about their smartphone before they sell it. its not worth the money at all. i hope the tech reviewers or any tech youtubers create a petition to recall all the s20 series. and refund our money at the same time. im so dissapointed. 
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facts! stop selling exynos at the charge of snapdragon!
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trust me until today im still fighting with samsung to replace my s20 ultra . beacouse of heets and battery draining . and they just play around with me . i have note 20 ultra 5g . snapdragon cpu  really its amazing in battery and no heets . prefect . better than exynos cpu which they fooling us around in UAE . i will keep trying no matter what to replace it or return i paid them . and my money will not be free for them . dream about it samsung