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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Pre-Booking

(Topic created on: 10-31-2020 09:44 PM)
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Good Morning/Evening! I pre-ordered an S20 Ultra in Pakistan and got my device on March 18th, 2020. With pre-order, i was promised a gift of Tri-pod Stand and Galaxy Buds+ with my phone. I was to redeem a code on Daraz.pk application to receive my Galaxy Buds+ but when i tried redeeming the code, it gave me an error saying that the code has already been redeemed. I instantly contacted the retailer i bought the phone from and he told me to wait for a day so he can sort it out. The very next day, the retailer told me to lodge a complaint with Samsung Pakistan and upon calling the helpline, i was told that there is some technical fault at Samsung Pakistan's end and i was assured that my complaint would be resolved very soon. As the call center operative assured me that it was Samsung Pakistan's fault, the matter would be resolved very soon and i will be able to redeem my code. Now, it has been over 7 months since i've received the device and the complaint is still not resolved. I still haven't received the Galaxy Buds+ which were promised to me by Samsung Pakistan. I have called the helpline countless times and everytime they assure me that my matter is highlighted and it will be resolved soon and the concerned department will get in touch with me. Being a customer of Samsung, I am really disappointed in their customer support and about how the promise was NOT fulfilled by Samsung Pakistan. I have tried reaching the company and lodged complaints through helpline and Samsung Pakistan's website and I have still not received any response. I even told the helpline operator that I will sue Samsung Pakistan in Consumer Court to which they replied and i quote "Sir you can do whatever you want". I am very disappointed in Samsung and how badly they treat their loyal customers.


I understand that it has been a long time but Samsung Pakistan kept trailing me on. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me contact someone who can actually help me with this.