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Samsung Decline To Exchange Defective Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Unfortunately, the awaited and premium Galaxy S24 Ultra did not live up to expectation, since the users are facing a thin GREEN LINE ISSUE seems disappointing. 

Some Galaxy S24 Ultra users are facing an inconvenience due to a green line running vertically down on the display of their expensive smartphone. At the same time, another variant of the same bug includes the vertical thin green stripe combined along with a thin line running horizontally on the display. 

This is being speculated by the reports and complaints of the users that they are facing a vertical green line as well as a horizontal white line on their Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display on the Samsung Community Forum


 It is known that, while watching the YouTube users suddenly noticed lines on their display, plus it also appeared on the boot screen. But the noticeable fact is that the users who purchase from Samsung.com carrier locked to T MOBILE are facing the issue. 

Then the users who are going through this issue rang Samsung Care+, but the fact is unfortunately even after admitting the manufacturing defect, Samsung would not exchange the device for a new one or make a stand that the unit be returned and then repurchased. 

Samsung stated that because the smartphone is financed through T-Mobile, it is the only responsibility of the carrier. Samsung will be responsible only when this issue is covered by the manufacturer’s limited warranty. 

Apart from the community forum, another Galaxy S24 Ultra owner on Reddit also reported this issue, but Samsung said it will not take the responsibility because it was a “Verizon issue.” Then the user went to the Verizon store to complain about this issue, where a rep said that Verizon would do everything it could “to squirm out of any responsibility for providing the warranty.” and finally, the owner bought another Galaxy S24 Ultra unit from the Verizon store and returned the defective one. 


Basically, this green line issue is only appearing on the Galaxy S24 Ultra units sold by U.S. carriers. And on demanding that buyers return their defective unit and grab a new smartphone, the carriers anyhow forcing the customers to lose any of the pre-order discount they received which not seems fair to those with a defective unit.