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Samsung Cloud contacts sync issues - S22 Ultra

(Topic created on: 11-27-2023 11:01 AM)
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Recently I changed the region associated with my Samsung Account, this includes a step of signing me out from all devices (including my S22 Ultra). After signing in again I noticed that all Samsung contacts are not in the device so I synced them and it worked.

After that I moved contacts from Samsung to Google account to avoid same issue later, it moved all but 317 contacts. The problem is that these 317 contacts were removed from phone and are only available on Samsung cloud and not syncing to phone.

Every time I try to manually sync the contacts it shows the cloud account is having 317 contacts, and it will change the time of last sync to current time and would not give any errors, but still 0 contacts appear on phone from Samsung account.

As a trial, I created a contact on phone (Samsung Cloud as storage location) and synced, now cloud shows 318 contacts and phone shows 1 contact from Samsung account (the one recently created), then I signed out from the Samsung account on phone, now shows 0 contacts from Samsung account on phone, signed back in, tried to sync (now 318 contacts shown in cloud) and same issue again (no errors, last sync time changed, 0 contacts shown on phone).

So seems the sync is working in a single direction now? anybody knows how can I get these contacts back from cloud?

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Here are some screenshots for the Sync, and 0 contacts after.

I know for sure these are not duplicate contacts as I am missing a few contacts that were recently saved.