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Samsung Bloatware

(Topic created on: 09-25-2021 10:08 AM)
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Galaxy S
Good morning users. I would like to hear from the Community Moderators what the purpose of these Bloatware Apps is and how I can select to discard them when they appear in the update tray. Currently I've got 11 Apps loitering in my Galaxy Store in tray. Examples of these Apps are Visit In, Checkout, Capture, Create Movie, Video editor,  USB-C, Gaming Optimizer and several more Apps.  

Whilst I'm very aware that some folks out there use these applications, I don't use them and would like to see an option where you can choose to remove it. The minute you disable these Apps they appear again as an update. They just don't go away. They take up space on the phone and use memory which comes at a premium the older the phone becomes. My request Samsung brains trust is this: Please give us an option to decline the Bloatware Apps. That will make it equitable and inclusive for all users. Those who want those applications can still opt to download and install them.
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Galaxy S
Some of them are necessary for functionality. The ones you listed have gallery functions. USB-C is for the USB-C port and enabling features like USB on the go and samsung dex, connecting hardware.

Gaming optimisater helps the phone play games smoother.

Some maybe unnecessary depending on the ones you have complaints about but you will find these even in PCs.

But it's necessary to have functionality in order to do stuff then you will complain about not having it and having to download various apps making it difficult for consumers.

Phones need to come at least being able to do things natively. Not everyone is tech savvy and expect devices to perform tasks without going to through hoola hoops.
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Galaxy S
We have an amazing community, time for the moderators to became less dormant. I also would like it if samsung gets rid af the galaxy store and place all apps on the play store. It is so unnecessary. They samsung app store doesn't update apps by itself, even if you set it to auto update. If you dont check daily you end up with 20 updates, or if you wanna use an app you are greeted with an update and usually when you are not connected to wifi at your home,so now you waste you cellular data on updates before you can use the app,very disappointing samsung