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Samsung Assures The Galaxy S24 Users To Fix Vivid Display Color Issue

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It’s already been unveiled that the Galaxy S24 series has set a bar with 1.21 million pre-orders. However, the customers who received their latest Galaxy S24 smartphones before the official release scheduled on 31 January were facing a display issue. But Samsung has come across an issue. 

It has become known that some of the Galaxy S24 customers are reporting an issue on Reddit and online forums to bring a display issue to Samsung’s attention. Fortunately, Samsung, without even any delay, took action to solve the problem, as confirmed by the company’s chat support agents. 


Galaxy S24 users have registered an issue regarding the vivid color profile. It does not look as colorful as expected or not even nearly as vivid as it does on its older Galaxy S flagship smartphones. It is being noticed the a similar discrepancy on the Galaxy S24 series alongside a prospective AOD tiny issue. 


However, there’s not a major difference noticed between the vivid and natural color modes, due to which customers are thinking that this probably may not be an intended feature. At the moment, the issue has not been solved yet, but the brand’s chat support agent has confirmed that soon, the brand will release a firmware update to restore the vivid color mode. 

It is being speculated by a screenshot of a Samsung Chat Support conversation with an S24 user, which indicates that Samsung knows all about the Galaxy S24 display issues and that developers are putting together an update. The exact date has not been confirmed yet, but it is expected that along with the February 2024 security patch, the brand will solve this vivid color display issue. 

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I am confident that Samsung will solve the problem, but it will take some time
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Yes Samsung is working on this issue hopefully we will get an update for this with the February security patch
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Don't believe too much