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SAMSUNG Recycling Program πŸŒŽπŸ“²

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Hey Samsung Members,

Great announcement, this program started on 22nd April, 2021 supporting earth day 🌎. Samsung will collect any mobile device you have from any brand to do recycling as this is part of Samsung's commitment to supporting environmental protection.

Samsung will provide you with a gift voucher 😍 that can be redeemed on Samsung E-store upon participation in this program.

How to do this?

1- collect your old phone or unused one
2- remove your data from it
3- visit the participation Samsung service location 
4- read terms and conditions and fill a form
5- dump the device in the collect box
6- wait for the gifts voucher to be sent to your email 

Locations of participation Samsung service centers

Dumb you old phone and save the earth 🌎

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Ambassador, we absolutely love this post!

Thank you for sharing and inspiring us today...