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SAMSUNG One UI 7 Beta Program: Gear up for the future of Galaxy (August 2024.

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Android 15 today entered the Public Beta testing phase on Pixel devices. Samsung will also adopt Android 15 for Galaxy devices, which will be available with One UI 7 later this year. Like all software development, Samsung’s One UI 7 will also launch a Beta Program.

One UI 7 Beta Program

Flagship Samsung devices will get early access to Android 15-based One UI 7 through the Beta Program. However, the Beta Program could be available in only 7 countries including the US. Mid-range and budget phones will start getting the major update around November this year.

One UI 7 Beta: When it’s coming?

Samsung is expected to launch its One UI 7 Beta in August this year. Android 15 Beta will expand to several Android flagships from different manufacturers by I/O 2024. However, the Galaxy maker won’t participate in Android’s native Beta activity.

As per Google’s roadmap, Android 15 Beta released in April, and Beta 2 will release in May followed by Beta 3 with Platform Stability in June and Beta 4 in July. Google Pixel phones are expected to get Stable Android 15 in late October this year.

One UI 7 Beta: Is your Galaxy eligible?

The Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra will receive One UI 7 Beta in the first phase. Later on, older flagships like Galaxy S23 and S22 series would join the party along with upcoming + current foldable phones. Some mid-rangers like Galaxy A55 and A35 could also be able to join Beta.

Beta Program is for a limited number of models, but Samsung conducts upgrade deployment on the largest scale internationally. This would begin around November, probably after Samsung holds this year’s Developer Conference event in October.
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Yha thk se 6.1 update nhi aaya or samsung chla 7 update ki testing krne 😆
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superb. is this news real ? any source ?
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Let them optimise 6.1 properly ... 6.1 has lots of issues like hell...
Flagships ka dabba banake rakha Hua Hai...
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e sim