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S9+ software updation

(Topic created on: 04-03-2020 06:51 PM)
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I have a s9+ uae version but now in india after novmber i dint get any update. Andriod security patch november 1 and Andriod 9.No software updation showing? 
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Hi dear, i guess that is because of the CSC change (XSG) to the indian CSC.
but it's okay here is the solution, you gotta try 2 options
the first one is to factory rest your phone and check id you're able to get the update
second is to download the firmware manually from sammobile or samfirm tool from XDA and flash using odin.
Note: am not responsible for any damage to your phone
but I have told you the safest way
if you didn't have any idea about how to download and flash the firmware don't do it unless you have enough knowledge, to do so there are a thousands of videos and tutorials in YouTube
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Hi dear, I faced the same issue 6 month back. I bought the device from UAE and once I was in India I reset my device with an Indian sim card inserted. After that device stopped giving updates. Once I reset my device again with a UAE sim card and the device received the update. 


In your case you have 2 option. Either to reset your device with a sim card of the device origin, or flash the device with latest firmware. Flashing the CSC won't work. If you plan to flash firmware flash it with all the combination files required(CP, AP, CSC, MODEM) OTHERWISE YOU WON'T RECEIVE FUTURE OTA UPDATES. 

You can search for the firmware in sammobile.