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The 2nd BETA has fixed lot of issues as of BETA 1.

Issues fixed : 

1. Night Mode in Camera
2. Screen Freeze issue
3. Black Screen after unlock
4. Biometric authentication issues
5. Battery Drain on Idle
6. "Call and text on other devices" notification
7. New Security Patch ( December 2019 )
8. Hotspot connectivity issues
9. Bluetooth Audio issues
10. Reboot issues
11. Widget Resize issue 
12. Others which aren't relevant.

Now, something that we can see in BETA #2 

1. Bootlogo has a change. ( While restarting, check the bootlogo... "Powered By Android" has change 🙂 )

2. Thanks to Samsung, i reported why there is no 5 GHz Band Selection in WiFi Hotspot. Instead of fixing it, they removed that Band Selection option itself 😂 Wow !!! Nice way to fix things.. Lol 😂😂

3. And other issues has fixed like Battery drain and all.

4. Theme Park is available in Good Lock now.

5. Pro Mode in Camera has a better ISO and Shutter Setting

Let's wait for next BETA. Lol 😅 

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