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S24 Ultra Pre-order offer not fulfilled

(Topic created on: 02-26-2024 07:44 PM)
Beginner Level 4
Galaxy S
Anyone else in South Africa not get their S24 Ultra pre-order offer fulfilled. I sent my stuff off when I got my phone from Samsung themselves and should have gotten confirmation 4-5days later but it's been nearly 2 weeks and still nothing. There hasn't even been an explanation of why the offer couldn't be fulfilled.
Active Level 1
Galaxy S
Hi same here processed mine telephones ☎️ cause ,say invalid email address nothing still happens. South Africa Samsung 🇿🇦 nothing happens several times ️ calls 📞 made no return 😑 😒 🙄.
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S
Same with me. Pre-ordered Samsung S24+ and bought online. 14 days later after receiving my online purchase...still have not received the 3 x rewards or the R4000 voucher. Logged a complaint with customer support...that seems to be as good as talking to a wall. Nobody can help and they will get back to me after 48 hours